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Henrich Van Zimmel

I love the marketing and the products Kotlett. I, for sure, am seduced by this brand and will continue order from them.

Henrich Van Zimmel

Hank Jordan

Good stuff here

Hank Jordan

François Pignon

François Pignon

What's the difference between Shavette and straight razor?

A shavette has a changeable blade while the straight razor keeps the same all her life and requires maintenance to keep the blade sharp.

The straight razor is tougher and you'll need one in your life time, two in the worst case, except for collectors of course.

The shavette offers a lower quality but more security and less maintenance.

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About Us

First of all, before talking about us we would like to relate you the Viking history:

Many people know them as a violent community, known because of their barbaric acts and steals, but most of them weren't violent people, they had a huge influence in our world especially in the razors development.

Razors exists since a very long time, but Vikings improved them. They used razors to solve the problem of their beards clinging to their helmets: by shaving their necks they were able to improve the comfort and fit of their helmets, but with the time it became more and more fashionable.

Kotlett is a small company built by two brothers who want to honor the Scandinavian origins of the straight razor all over the world. This inspired our named « Kotlett » which translates to « Chop ». We vow to keep the Viking soul alive through our brand and hope that you’ll join our tradition.


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